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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vicente and Me

Confession time: I've been sitting on these photos for a couple of days now, because I wanted to come up with a clever introduction for them. I wrote and re-wrote, but all I ever came up with was...I MET VICENTE WOLF, I MET VICENTE WOLF!!!!!!!
Now you understand my dilemma. I mean what do you say about meeting someone you admire so much., who's creative genius inspires you to be better at your own profession, everyday?
(That's me palling around with Vicente. I won't show the photo of me unconsciously twirling my hair around my finger while he spoke to me)
So, sorry this is late; but here's what happened. Monday, the Houston Design Center hosted a book signing and lecture to promote Vicente's new book, Lifting the Curtain on Design.
This was something I couldn't miss!
It was so exciting and I was pretty nervous. I imagined myself walking up to his table and drooling or passing out. Also, I wondered if I could tell him how much I love his work and how much of a genius he is. In reality, all I could get out was, "Hi Vicente I'm Carolina. I love your books, will you sign my copy of Learning to See, also? Oh, and may I take a photo with you?" Amazing, huh? Funny enough, he asked me if I spoke Spanish and I answered, "Si, claro". This seemed to make him relax a bit and we chatted a little bit more.
Next, Vicente spoke about his new book and about the ins-and-outs of running such a prominent design firm. I found this refreshingly honest. (Let's face it designers have a tendency to be a bit standoffish!) So, it was awesome.
Although by evening's end, Vicente wasn't overwhelmed by my charm to the point of insisting on being my new BFF; I still had an experience I will never forget:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Trip Of A Lifetime.

This is so exciting to me, I don't even know where to begin!
I received an email notifying me of a chance to travel to Thailand with Vicente Wolf. Yeah!
I'm blown away. Only ten people can go and it definitely requires quite a bit of spending money,
but it would be great to go. Anyone interested in sponsoring me...anyone?

Photos via House Beautiful.
(I know I saw this article on another blog, but I forgot where, sorry!)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Creativity Doesn't Have To Be Complicated.

Point Click Home.
Not all creative displays have to be intricate and busy. The trick to making a room interesting without getting too complicated is, by adding one large and dramatic piece. Instead of filling the walls with lots of tiny knick-knacks, these rooms use a minimal amount of very bold pieces. Personally, I think bigger is almost always better, (Is this because I'm from Texas?)

This picture is from Thom Filicia. I've been obsessed with those giant gears, since the first time I saw them. They really make this room truly memorable. I also love Thom's use of very large artwork in the picture below. Its a great springboard for the rest of the room.

Finally, the king of drama in simplicity...Vicente Wolf. I know I've mentioned this before, but I love everything this man does! His work proves that a beautiful object, even if it is a simple one; can "make" a room. BTW, for all of you who live in small spaces; this design trick will still work. A small room gains importance when large scaled items are brought in.

Monday, March 17, 2008

My Dream Home, This Week: The Ultimate Dream!

I am so excited about this post, I could barely wait for Monday to arrive! Every week I write about dream homes; but this house would be the ultimate dream for me. This is the home of my design hero, Vicente Wolf. I have long admired this renovated loft that has been featured in an endless amount of books and magazines. The reason I am including Vicente's home now is because while reading Joni's blog, I discovered that it is now for sale! What?!! In some ways, the idea of it being for sale makes me sad, because I hate to think of someone changing it. Although, I have been dreaming about being able to buy it all weekend. (Yeah, right!)

I love Vicente's style so much, because it is the ultimate in "Eclectic". His ability to combine so many materials and and styles, is amazing. For example, in the bedroom the nightstands are two small tables of two very different periods. This is a classic Wolf technique. The look is so dynamic and yet, never outlandish or in your face. Joni pointed out another Wolf detail, which is the over-sized mirror. He uses large mirrors very regularly, because they give rooms a lot of breathing room.
Oh, I am so excited to post this house, because it really is such an inspiration to me. And, it can be all mine for a mere $5,400,000.00...woohoo!