Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Do Walls Have to be Flat?

 Apparently, not!! Did anyone watch "Esquire's Bachelor Pad" this past weekend? It was amazing, but  a little too "bachelor" for me. What really intrigued me was the work by POD Design group. They built walls with a serpentine metal feature and a "sexy ghost". (You have to watch it, to know what that means). I decided to check out their website and found some very cool design projects. The treatment for a space deprived loft, really caught my eye.
 An "armature" wall was built as a way to add extra ledges, wine storage, space for a medicine cabinet and even shower! By adding pieces of cut plywood in varying sizes and at varying angles, a plain wall becomes a focal point with a purpose.

I like the photos showing the structural parts of the wall. Above the wall looks like a beautiful honeycomb, below the plywood pieces come together like an origami piece. 

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Lucia said...

I watched and was amazed at all the things they did!!!