Monday, December 19, 2011

Unconventional Christmas Wrapping

Christmas is almost here, and once again I'm writing about how to celebrate it unconventionally. Why be normal, right? This year I have been collecting cool wrapping ideas. Thanks to my new Pinterest site, I have a handy spot to gather my thoughts! Be sure and check it out here. Anyway, hope you are inspired.
 Recently, I learned about Furoshiki and LOVE it! Furoshiki is an ancient Japanese tradition of wrapping and carrying items in fabric. Stop and imagine the possibilities of that!! There is no end to fabric patterns and folding techniques. I also love that the fabrics are reusable and can be a gift in themselves.

 These decorated clothespins are so adorable!!
My favorite idea for wrapping is using origami inspired folding. It feeds my obsession with origami and the small details make a gift so special. Personally, I've spent quite a bit of time learning folding techniques. Not sure what Mark must think about all the tiny boxes around our apartment. But, I'm determined to have an origami Christmas!!
If you are looking for more beautiful ideas, check out Essimar's Fickr site for more amazing photos!

 Sometimes, only a bag will do. Here is a cool DIY bag, made from newspapers.
Finally, we can't forget our four-legged friends. Check out the "doggie bag" gift with another decorated clothespin! Fantastic!! 


Southwest Cottage Designs said...

Cute wrapping ideas. I love the gift bags.

vgosh Interior said...

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Miranda said...

Super ideas.
I especially love the newspaper gift bags. I followed the link to find out how to make them. The pictures are helpful, but is there any advice on how to insert the little metal grommets (?) and the instrument necessary for doing this? Thanks and Happy New Year.

Amy said...

Love these; particularly the clothes pegs and the newspaper bag - they're great ways to recycle!