Thursday, September 1, 2011

All The Vintage Pictures

 Oh, how I love vintage pictures. The colors, styles of dress, and old cars. They really capture my imagination. I found a Flickr site that reinvigorated that love; last night. Midwestern Femme is an entire collection of found photos and magazines. Some photos go back more than a hundred years. My favorite are the 20th century color pics. They are wonderfully fun to scroll through. 
 "El Mirador" 
Someone transport me into this photo, please.

 Look at that shirt! I'm not totally sure how I feel about it, but I'm sort of thinking its awesome!!

That would be a car I would want to show off too.

This is one of my favorites, with the people unexplainably holding pigeons and the technicolor environment. Love it!


sécia said...

These are fantastic!

♥ sécia

Carolina Eclectic said...

Thanks Secia:)