Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Competing Philosophies

I've always had an interest in philosophy, but lately I'm passionate about it. I tend to spend any free time I have studying the words and thoughts that are the foundation of our culture. (This is part of the reason why I haven't been blogging as much). Unfortunately, I find "philosophy" isn't a great conversation starter with most people. So, I was glad to find this today. At least it serves as a good laugh. (Although, much funnier if you actually know some of the characters involved)

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Margaux @ Insyncmarketing said...

Hi Carolina, I agree with you when you said "this is not a good conversation starter" - like religion, politics, or any taboo.

The video was really funny,it reminded me of my college years when I had Philosophy 101, we had a debate activity, and it ended up exactly the same. Thanks Carolina!