Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just As Strange As You

Okay, so I'm not the only one:)


Baily Jones said...

I am a quote-obsessor and a girl of ecclectic nature, so this has always been one I held close to my heart. I like to think I am the only one as strangely designed as me though! :)

Carolina Eclectic said...

Hi Baily
I know exactly what you mean, I like to think of myself as strangely unique too. It is nice to find kindred spirits, though. I'm glad to see you are one of them.

Uncle Beefy said...

Awesome! And, JUST what I kinda needed this morning! Thanks for the perfect timing, Carolina! :)

Hope all is well with you!

Black Zebra said...


Leah Moss said...

i think this quote sums up what is so appealing about blogging--connectedness and that strange sense of community with strangers even if your real life is far far far from being empty and lacking in friendship. There just seems to be a lot of the right kind of strange in blogs, and the type of openness about the strangeness :)

Ps- thinking of you as we just--finally--finished Charlottes web. Hope all is well with you!

firstlightofdawn said...

So nice to find you, my strange counterpart.

Your ecclectic, homeschooling, writing, gardening, thinking, living friend...Dawn