Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prettiest Bathroom

 If you read this blog regularly, you know I don't often write about "pretty" things. I have trouble with pretty, but I'm working on it. As I prepare to move, I'm challenging myself to do things differently. Including, allowing my home to be softer. I found this inspiring space on Tumblr and I love it! This bathroom is subtly pretty and inspiring. 
I'm crazy about all the different textures and the simple color scheme with a touch of amazing green wallpaper! Don't you love it?! These photos are from an amazing blog called The Marion House Book. Its full of many drool-worthy photos and ideas, so be sure to read it.
(P.S. I'm moving this week. I have some great photos to share, but I'm not sure when I can get them up. Please forgive me if my blogging is intermittent this week).


Al said...

I just love that ruffled shower curtain! It is such a marvelous surprise, to see all that texture here. It's so beautiful. The color is nice and soft too.

TC said...

Sorry, I couldn't stop staring at the floor! Subtle touches of pretty, baby steps ;)

Tamara, Bella Boho

Carolina Eclectic said...

TC:Yes baby steps....haha!
Al: I think the ruffles really make the place extra special! Love it, too:)

my name is sécia. said...

I love the walls. The ruffle shower curtain is pretty cool too. Too bad I have a separate shower and tub... I miss hanging pretty shower curtains.

♥ sécia
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Tanya @ Dans le Townhouse said...

I'm a sucker for pretty. But this pretty is definitely very mature and simple. I like that. This "pretty" room doesn't seem dominanted by traditionally "feminine" accents, which I also like. A great online find!

Sara&Eva said...

green wallpaper is beautiful!!