Monday, October 25, 2010

Living Small, Living Well

Lately, I've been thinking about living small, efficient and practical. In fact, I don't know why I said "thinking about living small" like its a new concept, when I do live small already! What I really should say, is living in a small home that also qualifies as dream living. Like perhaps on a beautiful Hawaiian beach, maybe?

Surrounded by so much natural beauty, why would anyone need an enormous house. I would rather feel like I live outside...with air conditioning of course!
(I found this house on an amazing site my sister introduced me to called Trendir. Check it out for some more amazing modern homes. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time there)


Scarlett said...

I love the idea..

Carolina Eclectic said...

Hi Scarlett
Thanks for stopping by:)

La Maison Fou said...

Nice little space and so different, luv that!


JAMIE said...

I think I would love any home-owner who had a hammock in her house!

Great find! Thank you for it!

Anna Caroline {Design Studio 210} said...

I agree with you Carolina :) It's so much easier to live in small spaces when it's designed like this home. No visual barrier between outside and inside. said...

These pictures make me want to run away... flee... and live a life with reckless abandon..

but I'm too young, and smart for that!

Love your posts

hope to hear from you!
love always