Thursday, July 30, 2009

What To Do With That Vintage Dresser

It seems that most people have vintage furniture pass through their lives at one time or another. For some of us, its by choice, some by inheritance, and some because its all they can afford. Given my profound love of this kind of furniture, I sometimes get questions about how to use it in a more modern way.
Apartment Therapy has a very cool home tour today. The owners used vintage furniture throughout the house, but my favorite example is the dresser used in the living room. Its used as a one of a kind entertainment center. Given the small scale of the home, the dresser is a perfect fit. This idea can also be used for bedrooms or dorm rooms that don't have square footage to spare.
The bottom compartments are used for varying media units and remotes. What more could you ask for? I'm guessing some of you are still not feeling the love for vintage, so here is another great detail. Most vintage furniture is sturdier and better built than 90% of furniture made today. I have a dresser similar to this one and know what I'm talking about. My husband cringes a little every time I ask him to help me move it again, because its built like a tank! Its difficult to find new furniture of the same quality unless you are prepared to pay for very high end pieces.
So, when asked how to best use vintage furniture, its best to have an open mind. (Perhaps, a piece can be used for other than its original purpose) Also, mix it up. Don't be afraid to throw in one or two vintage pieces with your modern furniture. Be adventurous!!!


The Lil Bee said...

It's funny you posted this today. I have a chestnut dresser I inherited that is beautiful but that doesn't fit with the rest of our furniture...all either dark wood or white or whatnot. But I don't know if I can part with it. My grandmother gave it to me as a gift. And so it stays until I can repurpose it or find it an equally loving home:) said...

I always love ideas for using vintage pieces. I love thinking outside the box and using furniture for other uses than what they were made for. Great idea, thanks!

Semigloss Chic said...

I have a vintage dresser that I've had since I moved out on my own. It's been in ever room over the years. I've used it as an entry table and stored winter gloves, in my bedroom, in the bathroom to store towels, even as a banquet in a dining room!

Rachel said...

I enjoy your site. thank you very much.

designbabylon said...

I am a huge lover of vintage as well! The craftsmanship is so superior to most of what you see widely available today and you {usually} can't beat the price. Another reason I love vintage is that I am pretty much guaranteed to be the only person with that piece -- no more cookie cutter rooms!

I am also an interior designer and I love taking clients to some of my favorite vintage shops. Yes, it requires a bit of hand-holding as it can be quite overwhelming if you don't know what you are looking for, but Oh! the treasures that are out there to be found!!!

Thanks for the great posts!

Thomas said...

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