Friday, May 15, 2009

Living With Collections.

I was casually reading through the Location Works site and found
this beautiful home. Architecturally, it is nice but what I really love is the amazing collection of unique furniture.
It looks to me that ever single piece has meaning behind it. Pretty, pretty:)

I am a big believer in living with pieces that are personally meaningful and not bought to
be filler, everything in the home should be like family, don't you think?


Sweet Caroline said...

I can hear my footsteps creaking in this house as I walk through it. It seems so cozy and quiet.

I am diggin on the pink flower. What in the world is it made out of? It looks like a shag rug...very cool.

Hill Country House Girl said...

What an amazing house. I, too,love to see what really reflects the personalities of the people who live in a home. I love seeing this place - very, very interesting.

Urban Flea said...

I love love love these images, especially the wall hanging in the first picture. Absolutely gorgeous!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)