Friday, April 17, 2009

The Solution I Needed!

Chairs hanging from the walls! Of course!!
I have often mentioned my addiction to buying chairs (and photographing them).
What I don't talk about much, is just how many chairs I have w/ nowhere to put them.
I LOVE this idea found on Apartment Therapy! Check out the photos. There are some more
examples of unique storage ideas for chairs. What I really love it that the chairs become
a work of art. Honestly, that is what attracts me to chairs; their beautiful lines or texture.
Now, if only I can get Mark to go along w/ this idea...even more challenging.
Happy Friday!


Courtney said...

I too have a thing for chairs, and this idea could be my saving grace if I continue buying more than I need! :) Not sure my husband would be on board either though. Have a great weekend, Carolina!

Caroline said...

I have seen this before and I must say it is a splendid idea especially if you live in small spaces..or like you have an obsession for chairs :P

Carolina Eclectic said...

Courtney: I feel your pain,LOL!

Caroline: You're right, it is a great solution for both:)

makemineeclectic said...

I have a chair addiction too! And I have totally joked about doing this before!