Monday, February 23, 2009

Designing In The Dark

Is it even necessary to have any other color besides black?
If you looked at my wardrobe, you wouldn't think so, and looking
at this Norwegian apartment, you wouldn't think so either!

One thing I love so much about using dark colors
in an interior, is how muchany other color jumps out when
placed against the dark backdrop. This incredible
antique cabinet would lose much of its rich color
if placed against a white wall. (I'm trying to give some of
you a subtle hint).

On occasion I have been asked about my opinion on black walls.
Personally, any dark color can be used in an interior if paired w/ proper lighting.
This apartment has amazing natural light, which balances out the heavy use of black.
W/out the natural light, this place might be kind of morbid. If you don't have natural
light, you can always fake it by using dramatic effects like spot lights on the wall or art,
or well placed lamps and so on. That is my opinion, but I would love to know what some
of you think. Have any of you tried such a bold approach?


Renee Finberg said...

i think all the black is hot !

have you ever seen wood floors stained 'ebony '.


Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

These images are gorgeous! Then again, black is one of my favorite colors. LOL!

21 said...

Wow, that's beautiful. I love how the golden wood seems to glow against the backdrop.

Courtney said...

Oh, I love the glossy black floors and the black walls in this place!I have been so intrigued by the thought of having black walls in a room as of late; I painted the walls in the study of our house (where we recently moved from) a very deep brown, and I loved the darkness of them!

purple area said...

Wow, just love it!!

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Perhaps a bit severe, but also striking and beautiful.

alice said...

I love all the black, and I think an all black wardrobe is perfect :)

I actually painted a room black a few years ago... it was not a soft enough black and lasted all of a day! I certainly didn't have the result these beautiful ones do!

Biba said...

I am a white junkie but these pics show black can look so stunning! Loving black wooden floors right now :)

Meg said...

I love the black wall - look too!! I like it in an office, or cozy space. Gorgeous pics Carolina!

DesignTies said...

This apartment is stunning - love the black, but what I love more is the mix of mondern-contemporary furnishings and finishings juxtaposed with the obvious age of the space (mouldings, height of ceilings, etc.) and the occasional antique piece. A perfect example... the two head chairs at the table in a modern kitchen.
Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

Ashley said...

So beautiful!
I did my room last April/May, and I wanted a red/white/black thing to happen. I wanted to have just my furniture black, but I ran out of red paint and money, so I did one of my walls black. It's small wall, but I just love it! It is just so neat looking because I used a high gloss black, and a high gloss white for my trim and what not. The red paint I used was flat so my shiny wall looks really neat with the red walls! For the time being my black wall doesn't look to great with what I have on it, but I plan on changing that sometime next week! haha

Love the blog. Such interesting things!

coco+kelley said...

oh, my goodness. i'm honestly swooning here. as much as i love light and airy... this darkness is so appealing. especially when you add the wood! so perfect!!

I.B Design said...

these are amazing interiors very very cool!great blog too.

I.B Design said...

very very cool images and a great blog.

makemineeclectic said...

I love black and use a lot of black and white in our new house. I just wanted to say I think your blog is gorgeous!

Carolina Eclectic said...

Black is Hot! I totally agree. Thanks for the great feedback, everyone. I'm glad to see so many of you were brave enough to "go dark".

jentista said...

just had my french dining set done in all black!
so edgy!

Melanie Morris said...

I LOVE black walls!!! I brainstorm all the time about which walls in my home would look right with black paint. I cannot decide!!! I have seen entire rooms painted black and they look phenomenal! I have done some posts on black walls - check them out