Thursday, January 15, 2009

Modern Times

As of late, I have been working on a project that is all about contemporary style and minimalism. Its been very fun, and I hope to have some photos soon. The down side is, I don't have as much time and energy for blogging. I know my posting has been a bit sparse lately and I wanted to let all of you know why. Hopefully, I can get back on track soon and have some great pictures too.

Links to photos:
1. Mody and Mody
2. Foscarini
3. Ligne Roset


Kierstin Bridger said...

This is like dorm furniture for an heiress! What is it about white and sofas without legs that look so..."the evolution of the futon."
I love the chartreuse colors and the minimalist style though.
Your design photos are always so intriguing!

paula said...

love that light fixture.

Renee Finberg said...

i fantasize ahout having and apartment somewhere like that. it would probably have to be in paris though.......the french do love their contemporary.


The Lil Bee said...

Those Ligne Roset couches have been on my wish list forever. Absolutely adore them.

Carolina Eclectic said...

Kierstin: An heiress' dorm room furniture! Too funny:)

Carolina Eclectic said...

Renee: Just be sure to let me visit you when you get your apartment..k?

TLB and Paula: I'm w/ you about those couches. They are fantastic, and so are the lights.

Mel said...

There are a few of the Ligne Roset sofas for sale on