Friday, November 7, 2008

Maybe, I Just Like Sitting.

Do any of you ever catch yourself living a particular pattern over and over? Like when you buy a new dress or pair of shoes, and then realize you already have multiple pairs that look exactly the same! Yet when you were buying the shoes or dress, you didn't remember that. Well, that's how I am about photographing chairs, of all things. As I scroll through all my photos, there's always at least one photo of a chair! I find this to be rather amusing, so I decided to group my chair collection on my Flickr site. Here are two of my recent favorites. I'm not sure if this some insight into my soul, or if I just like sitting down.


Annie said...

I love chairs too. Good thing since Tall Husband thinks one can never have too many chairs. I think we have 50+ now. So I'm going to "hop" over to your Fliker photos to see your chairs!

karina said...

I love beds, and chairs, maybe I am just lazzy.

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