Tuesday, September 2, 2008


From Amarillo, TX! I am back in my hometown visiting family and friends. I realize my posting has been rather sparse. We are having lots of fun, but its not easy to post. For one thing, I've been working for almost an hour trying to upload more than just one photo, but haven't had any success.
This morning, Liam and I drove over to the Cadillac Ranch. I wonder how many of you even knew where it was located? People are pretty proud of it, because it is one of Amarillo's few claims to fame. Its a great representation of Amarillo, in a way. Its old-fashioned Americana and quite eccentric, at the same time. This town is a lot like that.
Okay everyone, I will try to post more, as soon as I can. I'm sure ya'll are anxious to know more about my home town. See I'm even spelling out "Ya'll"...Its good to be home.



a couple of years ago my best friend and I drove from NYC to Sedona, Arizona...Where she was starting a new job as a radio personality...Of all the places we stopped, I like Amarillo, Texas the best...The people there were so friendly and it was easy to get around....

Carolina Eclectic said...

How funny! Most people I talk to, only know Amarillo; because they were on their way to somewhere else. It is a nice place to get around.