Sunday, August 10, 2008

Take In The Moment

Photography: Delphine Chanet
I thought this captured a sweet part of being a mommy.
Found via: A Cup of Jo


Ana Carini said...

Hi there!
I am here to introduce myself. I am new to the Blog community and would like to meet new people. Your blog attracts me, so I posted a link on my site. Stop by and say hi sometime~

::{J}:: said...

Very sweet photo! Also, I like your image of those Harry Bertoia chairs1

Cote de Texas said...

Aw chat! so so cute - yes, this is what being a mother to a girl is all about - clothes!!!!!

Carolina Eclectic said...

Joni: I guess the reason I think its so sweet, is because I don't have to buy all those clothes:)

Carolina Eclectic said...

Ana: Thanks for your comment and for the link. I will be checking out your blog!

J: The chairs are very nice aren't they. I took this photo at a nursery in Austin, TX (Called "Gardens" if you're curious)

erika said...

hey carolina,
love this picture. no girls myself, but nieces count right? what a beautiful image!

Carolina Eclectic said...

Hi Erika.
I think nieces, definitely count:)