Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I've been tagged by Sarah of Sarah's Fab Day. Sorry its taken me so long to post this. Sarah, was nice enough to request to know more about me. Thank you, so much.
What was I doing ten years ago?
Well, I was 22yrs old, and already pursuing my desire to be a designer. I had taken some time off from school because of family and financial reasons, but was back at school again.
I was at a job selling mini-blinds and shutters. You know those little places that you walk into when you are in a dinky shopping strip. That was me in there.
Mark and I were already dating and had been for a couple of years. By that time my family had given up hope that we would get married. (That happened the very next year).
This article is making me feel old. I still think of myself as the silly girl in this picture. I remember how funny I thought it was to wear a Marvin the Martian cap. Also, those glasses are my most favorite glasses I have ever worn. Of course, what bugs me the most is how much thinner I was. Arrrgh!

5 Things on my to-do list today.
1.Find fabric and interesting art pieces for a current project.
2.Get Liam to take a nap, because he is home today....please nap!
3. Hurry up and find a hotel for a trip I'm taking to Dallas. (Yippee!)
4.Load the dishwasher. (Boo!)
5. Write this post. Well, at least I've got one chore done.

Snacks I enjoy.
1. Current favorite: Vanilla yogurt w/ strawberries and cinnamon.
3. Liam's little cheese squares.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire.
1. Travel, travel, travel. I would go to Greece, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia, to name a few.
2. Build one of my dream homes...or maybe more than one.
3.I would want to give a lot of it away too. Mostly to children here, and starving people in third world countries.

Places I have lived.
I grew up in Amarillo, TX. I have also lived in Austin, besides my adopted home of Houston. Pretty much just a good ole Texas girl.

People I want to know more about:
I'm going to pick Cassandra of Coco Kelley, and Lauren and Emily of Material Girls. That way its a two for one deal :)
Have Fun!


nunu pepe' said...

Hi there, thanks for popping in. I am glad to be back on the blog :)
Enjoyed reading your background. I turn 30 on Sunday so I know the feeling of looking back and feeling a little old. Its all good!

Emily said...

Oooh how fun! Thanks for tagging us! I will get on my part right away :) I see Lauren already beat me to it! haha


Sarah's Fab Day said...

Carolina - Thanks for being such a good sport, not to mention it's great to know a little more about you. I love that you posted a pic of yourself 10 years ago, I should have done that too good thinking. - S

Carolina Eclectic said...

NP: Happy Birthday!! I really am glad to see you back :)

Emily: I'm so glad you two will play along. Can't wait to read your posts.

Sarah: Thanks again for tagging me, it was fun. The picture idea I stole from Courtney of Inside the Loop.

ALL THE BEST said...

Fun post, it's fun to learn more about the people behind the blogs.