Monday, June 16, 2008

My Dream Home This Week: A Home By The Bay.

Happy Monday, everybody! I know its the middle of the day, so everyone is well into their Monday.
Today's dream home may be familiar to many of you. It is the home of Victoria of SFgirlbybay. I chose it because, first: I love it so much and second: it fits into a theme for the rest of the week. Most of my posts this week will be about creative displays. I have been studying different methods of accessorizing in order to inspire my own displays at my furniture booth. Since I collected many interesting photos, I thought I would share them.

Victoria's bohemian home is filled with creative vignettes, in every corner! Art, books, found objects, all come together to make a truly inspiring abode. Again, I find myself drawn to a mostly white interior. It just seems so relaxing! I would love to take a nap on this cushy sofa.

I need to find a large scale chalkboard like this. I can imagine, both Liam and I would have lots of fun with it :) Victoria's home is also featured in Apartment Therapy's book, "Real Homes, Real People".
Its a very cool book, that I have mentioned before; here.

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