Friday, June 13, 2008

Design With A History.

While in Dallas, I learned a little bit of family history while shopping at Design Within Reach. My mom and I were walking around when she spotted these lunch boxes. She got so excited because she had been looking for some like these for ages. When my mom was a little girl in Mexico, her father used a lunch box just like this. It has several compartments for different types of foods. It even has small dishes to serve the food on. My mom came from a broken family, that she rarely speaks of. This is one of only of hand full of things she has ever told me about my grandfather. Actually, I have never even seen a picture of the man! Now these little lunch pales offer a connection to my heritage, I would have never imagined.


Tururu said...

Gracias por visitar mi blog!!! yo ya me he suscrito a tu feed para no perderme nada de lo que escribas.

un saludo desde Deco-Inspiración.


Carolina Eclectic said...

Hola tururu!
Que bueno que nos conocimos.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I love these pails and the story behind them!