Friday, May 2, 2008

20TH Century Modern Market

Last weekend I attended the Modern Market held my the Lawndale Art Center. Once a year Mid-century dealers gather at the art gallery to sell their wares. It includes furniture, accessories, art, vintage clothing and jewelry. Lots of very cool stuff. I always want to walk out with everything I see. This year, I really loved the pendant lamps pictured above. I also loved the items in the display below. I mean just the display alone is fantastic, but every piece is wonderful too. These items are from Century Modern in Dallas.
I've been collecting vintage jewelry since I was a child. The colors and shapes are like nothing else.

The piece pictured above is too fabulous for words. First of all, the sofa and side-tables make up one solid piece. I can imagine some fantastic 1970's lounging on this thing :)


mamacita said...

I've always wondered about this event. What were the prices like? Did you think all the good stuff was snatched up at the preview party?

Carolina Eclectic said...

Hi Mamacita
I think there was still a lot of good stuff when I went (on Sunday). As for the prices, they vary a little bit from dealer to dealer. They aren't "bargain basement" prices, but they are reasonable. The nice thing is that everything is in great condition.