Monday, May 12, 2008

Love This Music!

I'm really loving Tristan Prettyman. Her voice is so cool and so are her songs. Madly, is the first single off her new album. Check out the house in the video...very cute. My FAVORITE song is "Hello". One of my secret dreams has always been to be a singer. Tristan's voice is exactly what I always wanted to sound like. The song doesn't have a video, so I attached a playlist. It looks hideous, I know; but I'm still trying to figure it out. I've seen other blogs that add individual songs to each post, and they look much better than this. I just don't know how to do that...sorry. Somebody give me some pointers!!! I am adding the playlist to my sidebar, but it won't play automatically. If you don't want to listen to it, you don't have to. For now, do listen to this song! I've been listening to it over and over.


Red River Interiors said...

love that cute little song and the bedroom too... Fay

coco+kelley said...

i have LOVED her music since stumbling upon her on myspace a couple years ago. she has a great sound - i hadn't seen the video yet though! thanks for sharing :)

Carolina Eclectic said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it, ladies :)