Monday, April 28, 2008

My Dream Home This Week: San Miguel Retreat.

Happy Monday again! Today is a gorgeous day in Houston. We had a "cold front" come through, which means the air is crisp and fresh. If anyone has ever traveled here, you know crisp air is not easy to come by. The cool breezes remind me of trips I have taken to central Mexico, and make me wish I could go back. I've traveled to Mexico City and Guadalajara, and dream of visiting San Miguel de Allende. Recently, I have noticed more and more articles written about San Miguel as more people discover its beauty. Having said all that, I am enamored with this home in San Miguel that was remodeled by Bosworth Hoedemaker Architects.

The original structure consists of two rooms built right off the cobblestone streets. From there, a central courtyard and additional rooms were added on to the back and top of the rooms. The additions are very new, but they still maintain the tradition of the 18th century structure. I love this home because it reaches me deeply. My family is originally from Mexico, but I was born and raised in the U.S. When I was about 11 yrs. old, my sister and I traveled to Monterrey to visit some distant relatives. Although, Mexico is such a different place; I felt right at home. The vastly different way of living, really touched my soul. I have always thought, that if I had enough money, I would live there at least part time.
The tile bathrooms and kitchen are so amazing. I love the blue and white back splash. It is a traditional detail, but it still looks modern and fresh. So, anyone care to meet me there?


Mélanie said...

For sure this is my dream home , too !
I lived in Mexico but not as long as I would have liked. I would have loved to stay there for years , century .
Well, I know most of this country and defintly , SMA is the place to be , even if because of / thanks of its beauty it is very croded and there are a lot of turists. I guess they all have good taste

Krista Limon said...

I too love SMA. A few summers ago I spent some time there and acutally stayed in a georgous home with a fabulous central courtyard like the one in your photos. The home owners had just begun to rent out their spare bedrooms as a B&B. SMA has an amazing aritsan market that goes on for miles...or at least it did in my mind. I have been begging my husband to return with me. This time I'll be taking a U-Haul!

erinn said...

I just love the arched windows, tiles and spanish influence in general. Thanks for reading and I will definitely be checking out your blog more! erinn

Carolina Eclectic said...

Melanie: I had forgotten that you lived in Mexico. I envy you. Hopefully, I can visit SMA soon.

Carolina Eclectic said...

Hi Krista
I bet the B&B was wonderful! The artisan market is something I want to see. Hopefully, you can get your husband to go w/ you soon :)

Erinn: Thanks for commenting. I look forward to communicating w/ you.

design for mankind. said...

That is a beauty!!!


Love the court terrace is still a mess...I'll use it for inspiration.