Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Houston Mod Open House.

I know, I know, I still haven't posted the photos of my Round Top trip. I had such a full weekend, I am behind on all my plans. I will get to it as soon as I can. In the meantime, I did want to share photos of an amazing "Open House", I visited. I am a member of a group here in town, called Houston Mod. It is a group that works at preserving Mid-century buildings, and educating the public about them. Houston is infamous for tearing down all types of amazing buildings in the name of newer and bigger buildings. To top it all off, Mid-century buildings are often the first to go up on the chopping block. Houston Mod, attempts to teach people about the importance of this era, and about the many wonderful examples we have in Houston.
Every month, Houston Mod finds a home that is on the market and lists it on its site. This month the open house is an amazing Japanese inspired, Montrose area home.The house was built in 1967, by a former Dean of Architecture, from the University of Houston. Later, it was sold to the current Dean; who has put it on the market for the first time. The owner of the home, and the agent (Weldon Rigby) were gracious enough to let me wonder around with my giant camera and take a lot of pics. I have more photos on my Flickr site.

I couldn't resist the shot of the "wall with legs". That is actually the kitchen. I love the cut-out window at the bottom of the wall. The picture at the top, is a view of the same wall from the inside. This house has a serene and calming feel throughout. A couple of my favorite features are the exposed beams in many of the rooms, and the metal paneling in the living room. Unfortunately, I did not ask what type of metal it is..."bad blogger!"


Topsy Turvy said...

Caroline, Houston Mod is such a great idea! We have the same problem here. Many people don't realize that these houses are now considered historic. I might be able to incorporate some of these ideas into our preservation society website. Thanks for some great inspiration!


Carolina Eclectic said...

How exciting! I wasn't aware you were involved with a preservation group. Check out Houston Mod's website, they have a lot of interesting info.

fine little day said...

What a house!

Carolina Eclectic said...

FLD: It really is. I'm not sure pictures capture the subtle details, it is very bright and serene.