Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Blunder.

What is the world coming too? It is not even conceivable to me that Michael Johns was kicked off. I mean, why would any one want to keep listening to a tall gorgeous man who can belt out any kind of tune, right? Yeah, lets keep listening to Christy Lee Blondie! I'm sorry, but I don't believe even David Archuleta has anything on this guy. I know David is talented, but he's an awkward kid who can only sing the same sappy sounding songs over and over. Michael is confident and seasoned. What really made me angry about the results show, was Ryan's cruel joke of saying, "Well last year, we allowed the person with the lowest score to stay.....but tonight is Michael's last night". Unbelievable! If they were not going to allow him to stay, what's the point of making a statement like that. That's just cruel. I'm a little sad, that I am growing skeptical of my most beloved show. I'm starting to question how much of "America's votes" are really taken into account, and not the producers' votes. The worst part is that, this was the first season I was able to get my husband as excited about watching as I am. We were both die-hard fans of Michael's from the beginning. Now, he swears he never wants to watch again. I guess you could say I am more than a little upset.


Jennifer said...

it's very upsetting! at least he's talented enough not to need the win

Carolina Eclectic said...

Hi Jennifer, I hope you are right. You know things don't always work out so well. I'm hoping for the best :)