Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fairy Tales

I was looking back at this last weeks posts, and felt they had an underlying theme. The pictures remind me of some of my favorite fairy tales. From the "Image of the Week", to the upside down showroom of Viktor-Rolf. As I looked through some of my recent Flickr favorites, I thought they shared the same theme. Here is a collection of fairy tales told through photography...maybe I'm watching too many cartoons with Liam.The first three photos remind me of my favorite story, Alice in Wonderland. I know most little girls dream about being Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, but I always wanted to be Alice. All those absurd and bizarre adventures, are so fascinating! Anyway, the first picture is of an art display here in Houston called the Inversion House. It isn't up anymore but you can see more photos (Here). The cutie Cheshire cat is from Boopsie Daisy, and last week's "Image of the week" is the work of Rachel Johnston.

The second fairy tale is obviously Snow White. The "poisonous" apple is from Jurgen Kreileder. The prettiest Snow White I have ever seen is also from Boopsie Daisy. Finally, another of my favorites, "The Wizard of Oz". These "ruby slippers" are from "Door Sixteen's" photo-stream.


Jürgen Kreileder said...

Lovely blog :)

Thanks for linking my apple!

Carolina Eclectic said...

Hi Jurgen! Thanks for commenting, I'm glad you like it.