Sunday, February 3, 2008

When Blogs Collide.

Wow, what a day! I'm so excited to show these photos of my "power" lunch with three fellow Houston bloggers, Courtney (Inside the loop), Joni (Cote de Texas), and Paloma (La Dolce Vita). I am on the right side, wearing white...have I ever mentioned how much I HATE pictures of myself?
(Joni on the left and Courtney on the right)

Its fascinating to see how much we all have in common, and how much we don't. Especially, Joni and I, with our polar opposite aesthetic. But, I love Joni's frankness and ability to speak her mind. (Also she knows a lot of juicy gossip about a few other blogs). Courtney is very vivacious, and we almost always like the same restaurants, shops, cars...etc. And Courtney, I still say we need to make an Installations trip together.

Paloma is such a sweetheart and very serious about being a teacher. Don't ever tell her you think learning Spanish is unnecessary! I would also like to give Paloma and Joni the prize for having the best photo opp. poses. You two really know your "angles"! I could use some lessons.

After we ate; the cameras flew out at lightning speed. By the way, did any one notice the man in the background; he was very fascinated by our lively exchange. I learned a lot from these ladies, including how to make my photos larger (which I will be trying soon), and that I need to push myself to include more personal stories on my blog. So, in keeping with this idea, I am including a picture of my son Liam, for anyone who didn't see the prior pictures of him and will admit that I am a very proud mommy. I will try to divulge more, but be patient with me.

Lets do this again, ladies!


Cote de Texas said...

This is so cute - I love what you wrote, the pictures are not that great! haha! cute little boy. We need to meet up again, y'all.


In(side) the Loop said...

Don't judge me by my hair that day : ) I should have gone with the ponytail....halfway curls mixed with humidity and sweat (darn window seat) = not so cute.

Cute post Carolina! And I'll do Installations with you any day. It's in my backyard, so you name the day. Always fun catching up with you. You're such a sweet - and oh so talented - woman.

And your boy is ridiculously cute.


Joni should be running for President! Every blog I visit - pooof! She's there! Isn't she so talented! What is the juicy gossip you are referring to? Come on, share the goods! Looks like you ladies had a great time. Wish I lived closer....

Paloma said...

Liam is adorable, Carolina! I had so much fun at our lunch. I think you are too hard on yourself. You take great pictures! I'd love to join you guys at Installations since I've never been. :)

Patricia Gray said...

I am so envious. I wished I lived in Houston to lunch with you all!!
Joni and I just met in Dallas in January!! I hope that I can visit Houston soon to meet you all.

Carolina Eclectic said...

Patricia, you definately need to come to Houston, but you will have to learn to say Y'ALL.

ALL THE BEST said...

How fun!! We need to do lunch when I come home to Houston this summer!