Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Little bit of Satisfaction-Sheila Bridges on Design Sponge

How is this for a coincidence? Right after my gripe session about "Trading Spaces", and wishing for better design on televion; I find Sheila Bridges on Design Sponge.
Sheila had one of the few programs that really portrayed what good design can be. She gives a great interview on D.S., and come to find out she has a blog of her own, called The Nestmaker.
Sheila's blog is streamlined and smart. She answers questions from readers, invites guest bloggers, has a monthly newsletter, and even has informative videos. Although, television has become a poor source for the latest in design, we have great blogs look to for inspiration. Maybe, I should watch less t.v.

Speaking of great designers, check out Paloma's article about her husband's encounter with Nate Berkus!!! Wow!


a said...

i love Sheila Bridges! She has a great 'urban toile' (i guess you would call it)... she, her cottage and said toile were featured in Domino last May. Thanks for reminding me about her.

Carolina Eclectic said...

Hi a. What a mysterious name! Sheila Bridges is great, isn't she?