Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Hard Work Has Paid Off!

Image from "My Pocket"....thanks, Caroline.

Here it is, my new format!!!! As you can see, I changed my template, photo size, and banner. I had not planned on changing everything, but when I changed the photo size, I had to change the template, and then I had to change the banner! Man, what a mess. It took all weekend, and a lot of help from my lovely husband, but I think I like the results. I got alot of helpful tips from Patricia Gray and All Things Bright and Beautiful. Let me know what you think.


Patricia Gray said...

It looks marvelous!!!!!

Carolina Eclectic said...

Thanks Patricia! As you can see, I used the template you mentioned in your article. Glad you like it.

caroline : my pocket said...

It looks great Carolina! I like it a lot, the simplicity, the impact of the large images and the new banner - well done! x