Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beyond Wallpaper.

I have slyly alluded to my distrust of wallpaper. I know its the hottest thing out there, I just don't like the "permanence" of it. I have used wallpaper on some of my projects, but I usually keep it to a minimum. So, you can imagine my delight to find the work of J. Prichard Design.
Jennifer Prichard crafts these beautiful porcelain pieces that are made into spectacular wall displays.

The organic shapes can be attached to a wall piece by piece (believe it or not), or can be attached to a tile and then installed on the wall. I am blown away by the dreamy quality these pieces have, and how wonderful they look. So to all the wallpaper lovers out there, I hope this can be a great compromise.


nunu pepe' said...

love it, the pics take longer to open but then they are really intimate :) Those ceramic shapes drive me little dilly I love them to bits, I have an urge to grab all of them similar feeling to when you see a pile of diamonds.

Carolina Eclectic said...

Your comment really made me laugh. I can picture you scooping up all the little pieces and throwing them up in the air. Also, I guess being "Dilly" must be a good thing :)
I'm glad you like the new format!

jen said...

those are amazing!!!