Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fabulous Chairs and a Fabulous Shop!

I've had chairs on the brain. Along the way I stumbled upon some fabulous pieces that I love.Top left: 1st dibs(sold) Top right& center left: Tucker Robbins Center: Dana John Bottom left: 1st dibs Bottom right: Plastic Fantastic
I think my favorite are the last two pieces. They are from a "new to me" shop called Dana John. The shape and fabric of the two pieces are so swank. I couldn't resist showcasing a few more fabulous finds from this shop.

I think these accessories would have made the Rat Pack proud.


Bronwyn said...

So many lovely pieces, thanks for the great round-up:)

nunu pepe' said...

Hi there, left a response to you question on my blog, but also wanted to say that I love this selection of goodies, the look is really up me street.

House & Life said...

What great accessories, and that grey chair! To die.