Monday, December 3, 2007

I would like to present my new house! Okay, not really...just wishful thinking. I found this gorgeous home, as I visiting NuNu Pepe blog which led me to Purple Area, etc.(Check out these sites). I had a literal jaw-dropping moment when I saw these pics.

For all those who say contemporary and minimalist design it too cold, I would like to point out all the rich textures and and shapes in this home. I love the subtle lines of the painted herringbone wood floors, especially as it meets the soft texture of the rug.

The grain of the wood tables in the pictures above and below are so rich when combined with beautiful chairs and stark surroundings.

I hope to be moving into this home soon. I just have to find where it is first.


nunu pepe' said...

Thanks for the mention :) :) :)
I am a huge fan of a all white interior, to me it's like a blank canvas and all the items thereafter are the brushstrokes!
I particularly like that herringbone floor, we don't have alot of that technique in these parts.

Carolina Eclectic said...

I think the painted herringbone is my favorite too.