Friday, December 7, 2007

I love pottery ! Almost any type, but especially handmade organic pottery and vintage kitsch. I found a very interesting article on Crafty Synergy blog (click here to read). It is an interview with artist Chloe Le Pichon. She makes some very beautiful pottery that can be found on her Etsy shop, Chloe Le Pichon Ceramics. What really caught my eye about the interview is Chloe's desire for people to understand the difference of buying one of a kind handmade pieces and buying mass produced knock-offs. As a designer, I have become very frustrated with so many large retailers making cheap reproductions of furnishings and accessories. I think it bothers me because, eventually, nothing feels special and unique anymore. What's special about lamps or mirrors, sold by the thousands at Wal-Mart.
Its important to realize that artists and artisans, put their heart and soul into items they make. Even seemingly simple objects require time and technique. This past fall, I decided to take an oil painting class. Being such a lover of art I couldn't wait to paint my own abstract masterpieces. Much to my surprise, even abstract art requires experience and know-how. I was horrified at my total clumsiness with a brush and my lack of understanding of how to even mix colors properly. After taking that class, I have a new found respect for artists and their abilities.


Freshly Found said...

I agree with your sentiments! I love items to have a "story" - either because they were hand made or because they are vintage and having a second chance at "centre stage"

Carolina Eclectic said...

You are right. Handmade and vintage items have a life of their own. Most of my house if furnished with vintage items.