Friday, November 9, 2007

Traer Scott Photography

Shelter Dogs and Street Dogs

I recently found these wonderful photography books, and was immediately mesmerized by them. I have always been a dog lover, so these photos really spoke to me. This is the work of Traer Scott, compiled in to two books. Shelter Dogs (Merrell Publishers 2006) includes portraits of dogs in shelters waiting for homes. Street Dogs ( Merrell Publishers 2007) capture the lives of many homeless dogs and their manner of survival.

I really love this portrait of "Joshua". He is such a stately animal.



"Beach Dog on Roof"

I have many relatives in Mexico, so as a child I would often travel there. This photo of the dog on the roof, reminds me of what is a rather familiar sight there.

Traer Scott's books donate fifty cents from each book sold to the ASPCA (Shelter Dogs) and WSPA (Street Dogs). These books are available at all major bookstores and on the ASPCA site (click here), and the WSPA site (click here). I recommend going to Traer's site also. (click here). Her portfolio is wonderful.


Mélanie said...

wonderful photos ! You are right the photo with the dog on the roof reminds me Mexico also.
these photos are stunning

Carolina Eclectic said...

My dad grew up in Mexico, and he has a saying, "Perro de pobre...pobre perro". The best interpretation is a dog that belongs to poor man, is a poor (or pitiful) dog, indeed.

Jane Flanagan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and glad you like. These are lovely pictures. They remind me somewhat of Jill Greenberg's monkey portraits, though they feel more "real".