Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Must See Blog- Kris's Color Stripes

I wanted to share a great blog I discovered, Kris's Color Stripes. I found it while reading Another Shade of Grey. The woman behind the site is Kristina Klarin, an Italian fashion designer and artist. She uses her blog to record all her favorite colors and forms.

As we exchanged emails, Kristina explained that she grew weary of the never ending deadlines of the fashion industry, so she left to start her own business. "My dream is to create a line of silk printed home textiles, that will make me and other people relax, enjoy and smile". I love Kris's Color Stripes, because of the way colors from photos are broken down into basic forms. Personally, my color sense is inspired by nature, and the environment around me. I find that when I am working on a design project, I am constantly searching to find the "perfect color". What I am trying to capture is the colors of nature, which; Kristina captures in her paintings.

Below, is a view of Kristina's work space. Drawings from her 2008 calender, and crafts, including a decorative mushroom and cooking utensils; are shown. I recommend this blog, when searching for beautiful color combinations, or as a starting point to make up your own.

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lauragray said...

I love your print image it was really amazing for combining 6 color printing, and thank you so much for sharing your talent when it comes designing color.