Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cool Finds: Frou Frou Umbrella

Christmas time is here and winter is approaching, so I decided to post about an outdoor umbrella? I know my timing is off, but look at this thing. Who cares what time of year it is! Well, in some parts of the world it actually is summer time right?

This is the Frou Frou umbrella, made by Sywawa. It is made from a raffia type material, that sways gently in the wind as you dine underneath it. I can picture myself in an old Italian movie, drinking espresso, and living La Dolce Vita. All the while I am actually sitting at a computer with a whining toddler, and living La Vida Loca. Oh well, one can dream.



nunu pepe' said...

I think that is just beautiful!! The black is uber chic!

Freshly Found said...

The umbrella is delightful, humorous and practical! Lovely