Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Austin TX: Shopping

This is the last set of Austin photos. I am including a few of the places I always enjoy visiting. I did not enough time to catch all the places I like , so I might have more Austin shopping at another time. The first store is Home Girls. I first discovered this store earlier this year and have become quite smitten with it. It is filled with many refurbished vintage finds.
You can find funky furniture and very fun accessories. Several of their displays were done by Alyson Fox, (I'm sure many of you bloggers are familiar with her work). The clever displays give the store a bit of an art gallery feel.
Home Girls is owned by mother and daughter, Sarah and Kathryn Blanchard. I have conversed with both ladies on my visits, and they are both very warm and friendly. Ironically, I found out that they were included in Lucky magazine's list of " The Best Stores in Texas." Had I received my copy of Lucky, I would have known this. You can check out the list here. I guess its good to know that Lucky and I are in agreement.
If gardening is more your taste, their are a couple of nurseries that you must see. Gardens is the first. It is included in Lucky's list also,(P.S. the list also included Raye, here in Houston: that I mentioned in my Brasil post). Stepping into the Nursery is a real treat for the senses. All the colors, fragrances, and textures are very inspiring. I also love their charming store. It houses unique home accessories, bath and body products, and gardening supplies. Overall the plants and accessories they sell, go hand in hand with modern homes.
The final location is another nursery called Big Red Sun. It is located in east Austin, which has become a very funky and creative part of town. What I love about this nursery is that they don't just sell plants but they make plants into art. Their landscaping and floral arrangements will blow you away. Check out both of these nurseries websites by clicking on their names.


Freshly Found said...

Home Girls is just the kind of place I would LOVE to visit. What a delightful place!

Cote de Texas said...

I LOVE Gardens! I go every time I'm in Austin.


Carolina Eclectic said...

Gardens really is beautiful! I would like to say to Denise, if we are ever on the same continent, we should definitely shop together.

Anne said...

Missed all those places during my trip, so glad I could live vicariously through you! I'm simply convinced you can't go wrong in Austin!

Sheri said...

Great places! I love Austin.

Thanks for checking out my blog. I am preparing to attend the art institute next spring to complete my BFA. I finished my associate's degree, but I have been having babies since then. I just look forward to the day when I am out of school and working with what I love.

In(side) the Loop said...

I visited Home Girls on my last trip to Austin and it was adorable! I love the layout of the store and it truly feels as though you stumbled into someone's home. Not a shop. I especially love the Alyson Fox pieces everywhere! Great post on a great city!

Freshly Found said...

About that shopping thing - Absolutely! Your continent or mine? Aahh, we can always dream!