Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Austin TX: Architecture

1011 east 15th.
This past weekend , my family and I traveled to Austin. We travel there quite regularly, since it is only a 2 1/2 hour drive (in Texas we measure distance in time..as in , just how long will you be in the car). So, I decided to post some of my favorite haunts. I know when most people think of Austin they think of the music scene, UT sports, or outdoor activities, but I think ,
design and architecture. Like all junkies, I go around town hunting down a fix. Its a sickness really. Anyway, I have pictures of great shops and modern houses, but I am having technical difficulties with Blogger right now. So far , I have only been able to upload one set of photos, as soon as I find a solution to my problem , I will upload more.I found this fantastic spec house quite by accident. I was trying to pick up my husband who was a tailgate and got completely lost. I mean I found entire lakes that I didn't know existed, because I was so off course! But I now realize that it was meant to be, because as I wondered around; I stumbled upon this house. It still under construction, but the exterior alone, made me have to photograph it. It features large expanses of glass and a wonderful combination of materials.
I was walking around the structure and discovered that one of the side doors was open. So, of course; I let myself in. Above, are pictures of the kitchen. The cabinets are gorgeous. They are wood, with beautiful graining. Also, the entire house has concrete floors, but I don't know if they are finished yet.
Here is a picture of what I believe is the master bedroom. It has access to a small courtyard and a cool wood clad accent wall. The photo to the right is the main entry to the house. It is predominately, all glass with a large skylight. Below are two bathrooms, both with sea glass green mosaic. This house is actually for sale. So if you are house shopping in Austin, here you go! It is being built by KRDB Builders and sold by Urbanspace Realtors.


Cote de Texas said...

There is a blogger and now I can't remember her name, but they are building a house in Austin on the east side = it's a new modern, very modern development. She chronicled the year it took to get the house up. Judging by these houses, I think you would love this development, if only I could think of it. this is what being over 50 is like.

Cote de Texas said...


This is the link to the blogger. She has tons of blogg links to other people living there. It's called Agave. Have you ever heard of it?

Carolina Eclectic said...

I have heard of it! I haven't looked at it in quite a while, so I need to check it out again.