Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Austin TX: Architecture part 2

I finally got my pictures up! I'm so excited. Here are a couple more examples of modern houses in Austin. All three of these houses are in east Austin. Now, I have read several articles about affordable and modern housing in Austin (Dwell magazine for example), these don't exactly fall under the "$100,000 house" category, but they are stunning.

The house above is actually next door the house in my prior post. I am not certain if it also for sale, but here is a link to Urban Space Realtors. It is a very good looking two story contemporary.

This structure is very interesting. I call it a "structure" because I am not even certain it is a house. Looking at it from the street, it looked more like a greenhouse. What really caught my eye were the amazing color combinations. Overall, the structure was concrete, but it was highlighted with a bright marigold type color. I really love the combination of these two unlikely colors. The bottom left picture shows a very unusual structure. It may be a greenhouse or maybe a carport. Regardless, the sides were colorful, what appeared like ropes or wires. I realize my descriptions are somewhat lacking, but I was really inspired by the color and texture combinations. If anyone knows more about this building, send me some info.

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grackl said...

The building you were looking at is an artist's studio and live space in east austin. The buildings are stick built and coated with stucco.