Monday, October 29, 2007


This weekend was the Houston chapter of the American Institute of Architects' home tour. I love attending these tours because you can see some of the most innovative homes in Houston.

The pictures above are: Top lft: Glassman Shoemake Maldonado Architects. Bottom Lft. : MC2 Architects. Top Rt.: MDGI Architects. Center RT.: Robertson Design. Bottom Rt. : Allen Bianchi Architects. Top Center: Harrison Kornberg Architects. Bottom Center: Intexture Architects. Links to these architects can be found at the AIA site.

I had the pleasure of assisting as a docent at the Allen Bianchi house. It consists of two units attached by a walkway on the second floor and on the first floor through the pool and garden area.

The main unit of the house has bedrooms on the first floor and the living areas on the second. The arrangement made for a tree house feel, with fantastic views of downtown and the surrounding neighborhood. I'd like to thank Allen Bianchi (pictured below) and the gracious homeowners for allowing me to photograph this lovely home.

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Freshly Found said...

Welcome to Blog land. Thanks for visitng mine. All the best with yours. What an interesting house, with all those levels and walkways. Lovely.